Jonagold has a green-yellow basic color with crimson, brindled covering colour. The apple has a fluffily crisp fruit. It is juicy and aromatic and has a sweet-sour taste. The skin can also turn out fully red or green other than Golden-Red.


Color mutant of the Jonagold apple. Jonagored has a sour taste and yellow and white flesh. It’s best served as a eating apple of as a dessert apple.


Dark red mutant of Jonagold. It is a spicy sweet apple with a sour taste. Especially good during the summer months.


Mutant of the classical Jonagold discovered by H. Veulemans. Very nice taste - one of the best Jonagold mutations.

Golden Rijnders

Improved Golden Delicieus, smoother skin with a golden color and sometimes a pink blush.

Red Price

This is the first picked apple of the summer. Slightly sour taste.


The Braeburn is a cultivar of apple that is firm to the touch with a red/orange vertical streaky appearance on a yellow/green background. Braeburn apples have a combination of sweet and tart flavour.



A table pear, it is suitable for fresh-cut processing.[2] The fruit skin is thick greenish-brown, becoming pale yellow when ripe. The flesh is white, but turns pale yellow when the pear is ripe. The texture is very fine and soft, and the flavour is sweet.

Beurré Alexander Lucas

Beurré Alexander Lucas is a very moderate tasting hand pear. Just like the Conference, you can preserve it very well. The flesh is juicy and sweet. 


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