Mac Queen fruit was founded after a number of unexpected circumstances. André Geladé, who is Johan Geladé’s father, opened a nightclub called ‘Mac Queen’ in 1984.

After a few years, the nightclub was a great success and Johan started to work there. After a few years working together in the dancing, André and Johan decided to set up a company specialised in the collection of old oil in garages.

But because they couldn’t get the necessary permits for storage and processing, they decided to get started with the cultivation of fruits. At first, the company ‘Mac Queen fruit’ was rather small, but throughout the years it expanded a lot.

‘Mac Queen Fruit’ is located in Zepperen. This area is called ‘The Pearl of Haspengouw’. It is situated at about 70 km of Brussels, 40 km of Liege and 50 km from Maastricht.


1986: Establishment and entry of Johan Geladé into the fruit business.

1987: Construction of the first warehouse with a sorting department of 1500 m².

1989: Plantations of 18 hectare in Ulbeek.

1993: Jos Geladé, André’s 2nd son also joins the company.

1994 : Construction of a cooling complex for storage of 3 million kilograms of fruit.

1995: Company is further extended to 36 hectare.

1996: Startup of Mac Queen packaging.

1999: Death of André Geladé.

2000: Purchase of 8 hectare grounds in Ulbeek.

2004: Purchase of 10 hectare grounds in Zepperen.

2009:  Purchase of 8 hectare grounds in Ulbeek.

2009: Johan and Jos decide to divide the companies. Johan now leads Mac Queen Fruit and Jos is in charge of Mac Queen (nightclub). They did this because of the future of their children.

2012:  Construction of housing of the seasonal workers.

2013:  Jeroen Geladé, Johan’s son, takes part in ‘Mac Queen Fruit’.

2014:  The company is expanded to 70 hectare.

2015:  The company is expanded to 80 hectare.

2015: A new version of the ‘Mac Queen Fruit’ packing was developed

The company has grown a lot. If all the grounds were put together, it would now cover the whole area of the city of Paris.

Future: together with a team of enthusiastic and skilled employees we strive for a steady growth an even better quality and service.

bvba Mac Queen Fruit  Dekkenstraat 61  3800 Sint-Truiden  Mobiel: +32(0)497 79 11 11 Telefoon: +32(0)11 31 48 00